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Parks & Trails

Explore 7 Parks Throughout Wilmington

We own and operate seven parks throughout the City of Wilmington. Each park has its unique contribution of enjoyment to each patron who visits the park. Galvin, South East, Xidas and The Point are all neighborhood parks, The larger parks include J.W. Denver Williams Park, David R. Williams Park, and Lytle Creek Nature Preserve.

The City’s recreational trails offer people of all ages and abilities the opportunity to get outside and enjoy nature while getting the benefit of walking, jogging, cycling, skating, or cross-country skiing. The City’s recreational trails are open from dawn to dusk throughout the year. 

Our friends at the Clinton County Trails Coalition have additional information here:

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David R. Williams Memorial Park

This is the newest addition to Wilmington Parks. The land was donated by Elizabeth W. Williams in honor of her husband David. This park consists of two soccer fields, restroom and concession facilities, one baseball/softball diamond, a dog park, a shelter house, splash pad, and a skate park.

1300 block of Fife Ave.

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J.W. Denver Williams Jr. Memorial Park

The land was donated by J.W. Denver and Dorothy S. Williams in memory of their son, who was killed in WWII. This is the primary activity facility within our park system. You can enjoy year-round activities, including the City of Wilmington Fourth of July Celebration, the Banana Split Festival, and Relay for Life. 

1100 Rombach Ave.

Main entrance on Rombach Ave. with a second entrance off of Fife Ave.

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Galvin Park

Situated across the street from the Wilmington Public Library, Galvin Park is the former Smith Place School site. The stone arch from the entrance is an architectural relic placed alongside a commemorative plaque highlighting its history. Donated by Mrs. Brady Galvin, this park is always popular during the winter when families gather to enjoy sledding, snowboarding, and meeting in the shelter house for hot chocolate. During the spring and summer, the playground and basketball courts are popular spots. The Jaycees donated a Gazebo as a memorial for two of their members who died in a plane crash. This Park also has many trees, a playground, and a bench dedicated to former City residents and noted by plaques.  

200 North-South St.  Corner of East Birdsall St.

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Point Park

One can actually “stop and smell the roses” at this beautiful park. The Wilmington Garden Club takes care of the plants and flowers that are abundant at the Point. Everyone must see this spectacular display of plants, trees and flowers.

Locust Street

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Image by Ann

Lytle Creek Preserve

The preserve offers the opportunity to see many animals in their natural habitat; birds, deer, pheasant, quail and wild turkeys can be observed. Wildflowers have been sown on 62 acres of the tract and it is planned for natural surfaced trails to be established throughout certain sections of the preserve.

St. Rt. 134 S.

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Xidas Park

Built on the site of the former Manhattan Lounge, the park is an extension of the Luther Warren Peace Path, which previously terminated at Mulberry Street, and is part of the City of Wilmington’s Sugartree Street Corridor Plan. The park was dedicated on November 5th, 2016 in memory of James “Jim” Xidas.

Corner of South St. and Sugartree St.

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Southeast Community Park

This land was purchased by the City to develop a neighborhood park. Basketball is the biggest drawing point in this park. There are more courts and hoops at this park than any other park we own. Playground equipment and picnic shelters  provide plenty of activities for the whole family to enjoy.

Intersection of Marlena Dr. and South Wall St.

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Galvin Park
Point Park
Lytle Creek Preserve
Xidas Park
Southeast Community Park
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