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for your next event, tournament, or outdoor celebration

We offer 7 parks in Wilmington to host events and activities and enjoy time well spent in the great outdoors. The parks make great venues for sports tournaments, races, fundraisers, birthday parties, and other celebrations. 

Outdoor Snack


Shelters can be reserved for gatherings and parties and provide a great space to bring people together, celebrate and have fun in the outdoors.


Reservations are on a first-come, first-serve basis for mid April to early October. Beginning the first business day of the year, only the city of Wilmington residents may make reservations. Beginning February 1, reservations are open to the general public. (Reservations are not carried over from year to year.)

Family Picnic
Women's Race

Park Facility 

Reserve one of our parks for a tournament, race, or large event.


Whenever any part of a park facility is planned for exclusive use, the request must be approved by the City of Wilmington Park Board or their designee. This includes tournaments, outside leagues, clinics, festivals, concerts, races using trails and other events.

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